About VenaData

A word from Rick Ciesla, owner and founder:


Having accumulated over 12 years of experience in database administration and database development, plus more than 20 years total in technology as  a whole, I can say with confidence that I have a strong skill set and love what I do.  I’ve worked with numerous types of companies, large and small, in industries as varied as finance, health care, and entertainment.  I have a long history with MS SQL Server, back to when I became a DBA  in 2005.  Around 2012 I picked up MongoDB and since then have continued to branch out into other systems, such as PostgreSQL.  Geospatial data is a passion of mine and is core to my personal projects that I do in addition to consulting.  So strong skills and deep expertise are important, but there’s more.

One factor in success with running reliable, fast, and ultimately useful databases is attention to detail.  Another is follow through, whether it be in troubleshooting, performance tuning, or solving a challenging database design problem.  You want somebody with both of these factors well-ingrained to manage your databases.  You also want someone who listens, can communicate effectively, and has empathy.  They have to enjoy working with teams as much as working with a bunch of servers and some software!  Because it’s the people who matter the most, working hard every day to build something.

I am here to to help, to provide solutions and operating efficiency for your database, and to share my accumulated knowledge and experience with your team, your project.

VenaData…your databases deserve respect, pure and simple.